Learning to Read 100,000 words in 21 days

The best way for children to learn English!The best way for children to learn English!

Welcome to VocabTunes.com - the home for VocabTunes and Rockin’ Root Words, revolutionary new products designed to change the way in which people of all ages learn vocabulary words. Using a system that has been created around only 1,500 word components, these two products will teach you a new way to learn the roots of words and apply this understanding to your everyday vocabulary. Learn to read 100,000 words in 21 days! No more cramming for standardized tests and trying to memorize words—the VocabTunes system has been developed and tested to ensure complete mastery of the English Language.

How the Tools Work

Both the Rockin’ Roots and Vocab Tunes products are intended to eliminate the short term memorization that our children use to attempt to master the English language. Instead of simply memorizing to test and forget, these tools are designed to focus on the components of all words; Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes. Together, these tools address the three compelling reasons why language should be learned through word components.

First, these core root word parts are scattered throughout our academic studies. Secondly, the human brain can easily capture word parts and retain them as patterns. And third, after retention, patterns are stored systematically and permanently and can be easily recalled from memory.

The brain learns not in a linear fashion (our standard memorization process) but instead in a highly interrelated web fashion so that information can be retrieved quickly. Using the Rockin’ Roots and Vocab Tunes method, students are taught the core or root components and through this learning, become masters of our vocabulary.

The payoff? Better standardized test scores, better reading comprehension, better cross-subject understanding. Try these products and see the difference!


Rockin Root Words

Rockin Root Words: Books 1 & 2
An exciting twist on vocabulary development! Students will enjoy learning the roots, suffixes, and prefixes of more than 500 common vocabulary words presented in an easy-to-follow style that utilizes visual learning and word maps to enhance student comprehension and memory.

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Rockin Root Words

Vocab Tunes
VocabTunes, Volume 1-7, is a complete learning program based on the successful use of key word components developed by Dr. Sita Kaura and his daughter, Manisha.

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About the author

Dr. Sita Kaura and Manisha KauraManisha Shelley Kaura is a high school senior from the Detroit metro area. Assisted by her father, S.R. Kaura, M.D, Manisha has worked tirelessly for last eight years developing a method to revolutionize education, to expand vocabularies, to increase understanding, and to help everyone feel as passionately about words as she does.